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"My Wall Deco" FAQs:

1. What forms of payment do you accept?
   We accept debit or credit payments by Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

2. Do you have any coupon codes available?
   To be the first to get updates on our coupon codes, discounts, and sales, Like us on Facebook ( and Follow us on Instagram ( We always post contests, coupon codes or promotions in those places first.

3. How do coupon codes work?
   We loves to provide offers to our customers. We usually have various coupon codes to help save you a little money here and there on our products. IMPORTANT: You can only use one coupon code per checkout. If you have more than one coupon code you will need to choose the code you want to use. These coupon codes are entered during the checkout process to provide you with a discount.

4. Why choose My Wall Deco?
   Find out what sets us apart—exceptional customer service, unique designs, and the story behind each piece make My Wall Deco a standout choice.

5. Can I customize my order?
   Yes! Personalize your space with customized glass wall arts. Explore options to make your decor truly unique.

Unveil the answers to these questions and more at Elevate your space with passion-infused decor!

6. When should I expect my order?

   Depending on your location, your order may take 6 - 8 business days. All orders are shipped from Türkiye.

7. Do you have Free Shipping?

    Yes ! We use expedited shipping and world wide free except New Zeland & Australia. Unfortunately this area have high shipping costs which can't be cover free shipping standards.

8. What if my package / product has damage or broken?

    Please kindly be sure we're doing very strong package any using seperators, styrofoam to avoid any kind of damage issues. Glass wall arts are made by tempered glass and quite enough strong for shipping worldwide. Even if your product arrive yours with damage please kindly get in touch us we'll refund you soonest.

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