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Hi there,

This is Berrin, welcome to my online boutique store. I have a wonderful family with my husband and two children. I live in Izmir, and since the end of 2019, I have been involved in interior design, particularly focusing on wall arts. My friends call me Berry and I'll be happy to assist you ❤️

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My Story

Like everyone else, I had a job where I worked for ten years in a routine shift. While everything was going well, one day I witnessed the terms covid and pandemic 😷 on TV that I had never heard before, and I was continuing to watch the news like a movie, not expecting it to change my life so much in the very near future. One day, a pandemic and covid hit the country I live in, and life stopped, we all retreated to our homes and had very different experiences.


During this time, I spent so much time at my house that I realized that something was missing in my house. "Decoration" 😀 I ordered so many glass wall arts that I liked the most from the decoration expenses I made on the internet that it became my passion in a very short time and I also sent gifts to my parents and close friends 😊

After a certain time, when there was no one left to give gifts to, I was thinking about how to continue this passion, and one day the idea came to my mind: "Why not find customers who will make them happy". In a very short time, I made an agreement with a software developer and opened my own website.


When I saw that my passion and hobby turned into a job in this way 🥰 and the sincere dialogues I had with happy customers increased, I quit my job and found myself completely as the boss of this small business.


Here is the story of "My Wall Deco" ❤️


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+1(530) 777-5271 / whatsapp or worldwide communication

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